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Scrappy Classes I Teach:

Summer Build-A-Book Clear Album - PrimaDonna Class
Learn great tips and tricks while creating this clear mini album using Prima's new Build-A-Book. Students will recieve a CD with detailed instructions and color pictures.

Supplies needed: Cutting Matt, Paper cutter, fine tip scissors, hole punch, pencil and adhesive (I strongly suggest Fabri-Tac)

Cat's Meow - PrimaDonna Class
Do you remember how much fun you had coloring when you were little? Unleash the kid in you and "color" on your scrapbooking pages with Paintables. The Paintables paper is a brand new concept in scrapbooking. This class will teach how to use a variety of art mediums on these watercolor-based papers and how to customize them for layouts! You will also learn how to alter your flower colors to match as well. You will create a fabulous layout and have plenty of leftovers to make cards and spice up packaging to make really cool decor or use to embellish more layouts!

Supplies needed: a matt, paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive, some type of non-pourous tray or surface(transparency paper or splat matt) for your differents meduims and one 4x6 photo(landscape), preferably black and white. Craft knife is optional along with any medium you would like to use of your own.

Baby Giggles - Paintables Class
We will explore many ways to get that perfect color useing Glimmer Mist on your paintables, and how to add sparkle to the rest of your layout!

Supplies needed: a matt, paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive, and some type of non-pourous tray or surface(I do have some available). Craft knife is optional along with any medium you would like to use of your own.

Adorable Class
Fast, easy and fun is what this class is all about. You will work with transparency, cut-outs and dimension to create this adorable layout.

Supplies needed: a matt, paper trimmer, scissors & adhesive.

About Me

You can find me in Mukwonago, WI with my hubby and 4 kids, Caytlynn (5), Cassidy (4), Cullen (2) and Cali (.25). I am super mom during the day and full-time scrapper by night. Don't tell my hubby, but sometimes scrap during the day too! I run two businesses from home and I also instruct at the local gym, teaching Power Yoga, Kickbox and Boot Camp Classes.

I started to scrap when I was a kid, putting pictures into those yucky magnetic albums with captions and magazine cut-outs. Needless to say, I have come so far since then. In 2002, before my hubby and I got married, he bought me my first scrapbook. That's when the obsession began. Little did he know that it was the start of something BIG! So big that it takes up an entire room in our house (and then some - lol).

I really love playing with products, mixing and matching color combinations and products and experimenting with new techniques. Besides being a creative outlet, scrapbooking is my "me" time. My time to forget about diapers, kids fighting, bills, and all of the other not-so-pleasant things in my daily life. I am able to scrap the good times and can "re-live" the moments as I scrap them. The best part is watching my kids' expressions when I show them the finished product. They are my biggest fans :)

You can contact me at becbeck13@wi.rr.com for prices and scheduling - Thanks!